Retrieving Date Completed for Certification

Feb 27, 2020

Hi, I have produced a range of compliance training, which requires a test to be passed at the end of it, from which a certificate can be produced detailing the name of the training, passing score (80%+), the users full name and the date of completion (the system date that the certificate is produced).

This all works fine, however we have found that when a user 'reviews' the course on our LMS, they are able to work through the content and test without anything reporting to the LMS and hence it is possible to pass the test and produce a brand new certificate indicating that they have passed.  The date on the new certificate is not the actual true date of passing, but simply today's system date.  This means an employee could fail their 2 x true attempts at the training (all stored and logged on the LMS), however have multiple attempts at the same test in review mode and produce a certificate showing completion and passing of the training.  When looking at stored LMS data, no record of this completion will available, however the user has a hard copy of the certificate they are attempting to use to prove they have passed the training and that the LMS must be wrong.

I am attempting to retrieve a course passed date from our LMS, however I don't think this variable exists within the SCORM environment.  If it did this variable could be added to the certificate and would be a true 'pass' date, rather than using today's systems date on the certificate.  Up until now I am unable to locate  such a variable for retrieval using javascript from our LMS and am not able to solve this issue.

Can anyone assist me with this problem and possibly solve how I retrieve a 'true' completion/pass date from the LMS?



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