Retrieving Survey Data from LMS

I have 2 results screens, one for quiz results so data can go to LMS for course status and one for survey results to see how users responded to several survey questions. When I publish to the LMS I can only see the graded quiz Interaction IDs to report on that data. I need to get interaction IDs for the survey slides so I can also report on that. Not sure if the problem is in Storyline and my setup there or an issue within our LMS (LTG/NetDimensions). 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sandy.  If I understand correctly, you have a results slide that tracks the normal quiz questions, and one that tracks survey questions.  When you published your course for LMS, you would have chosen a single results slide to send information to the LMS.

Storyline can only send information from one results slide.  You may want to look at including your survey questions in the quiz results slide.  That way, survey answers can be sent along with other quiz data to your LMS.

Let me know if that works.  Feel free to share your .story file as well for a closer look!