Retry not working when using Question Set

This is probably user error since I'm new to Storyline but I'm stumped (have searched tutorials and forums).

I've got a 1 question assessment that must be completed. Today, I went from a single question to using a Question Set made of 3 questions- where 1 question is randomly pulled for each user.

I have created a results slide as well and have gone trigger by trigger, line by line matching things to my last module where the Retry quiz button works. The only thing that appears missing is the Results slide link on the question page.

I've tried to edit but still can't figure out where I'm missing the step. Since this is my first attempt working with a Question draw slide, I'm sure it is something simple that I just can't find. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thanks! (P.S. this is supposed to be ready within the next 2 hours). We're on a super tight deadline :(

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary and welcome to Heroes! 

When setting up the Results slide there will be a Retry quiz button that you can enable. Since you're using a question bank that is randomly drawn, it may draw a new question as well. 

I see that you mentioned needing this yesterday, so my apologies for not getting to you sooner, but if you still need assistance are you able to share the .story file with us here? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing the .story file here with me. I tested it out in preview and everything seems to be working as expected. I only receive 1 question from the draw, and when choosing retry I (sometimes) get a new question. The results slide also is appropriately sharing my results - either 100% or 0, as I'm only answering one question. 

When you test it, can you describe a bit more about where and how you're testing it (preview vs. publish, if published browser and environment?) and what you're experiencing. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

No worries, it was a weekend after all!

So you're never getting a new question? It's only a bank of three, so the laws of probability apply in that you're likely to get a new question, but you could get the same one a few times, even in a row. Are you testing this out in an LMS, web server, locally,? Also, can you let me know what browser you're using so I can try and recreate on my end? 

I made another example, can you test this one out and let me know what happens and under what set up you're testing it? 

Mary Nunaley

Hi Ashley,

Thanks - we did get a brief reprieve since we let our boss know we are working with you to resolve the challenge. I've tried in both Chrome and IE. Our learners can only use IE from their work station. 

We are using this in an LMS so the file is saved and loaded as a SCORM package.

Let me know if you need any other info. I'll let you know what happens with the test file. 

Mary Nunaley

The associate's are using various versions of IE but I believe most are at least Version 10. 

I hadn't thought to load the file to ScormCloud to test. Thanks. I've got to finish up two other projects today so I will be doing testing tomorrow. Our next eLearning goes live Thursday at 5 a.m. but we have received a reprieve until we figure this out

I will keep you posted. Thanks for the help.