Retry only incorrect answers in articulate storyline 3

Hello All,

I achieve this functionality in storyline 2 but in that case I don’t reset result slide on the retry button because I don’t want to reset the score on result page. Now in storyline 3 if I am not resetting the result page on the retry button, then it’s not allow me to attempt the questions and also I am not able to jump on result page on clicking NEXT.


 My Question slide setting is set:



Please let me know if any one knows the solution for same.




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Akash Jambhorkar

Hello Ashley,


Thanks a ton for your reply .

The problem with the scoring.

Yes, same method I used, but in another way. I have 50 Questions in assessment and if learner can give first 30 questions answered correctly, then on retry he checked all the slides one by one and it’s created the huge delay in time as well as screens are flicker.

So I used the same method but in a different way and this functionality is also working on storyline 2 and storyline 3 but in storyline 2 I am not reset result on the retry button and attempt questions in review mode (In that case issue was only with default next back button displayed on the screen but result is shown as expect).

In storyline 3 if I am not resetting the result on retry button, then not able to attempt the questions and if I reset the result slide on retry and the problem created with the score. Storyline calculates the score on attempted questions only.


1: First attempt if I give 2 correct answers, then result score is 50%

2: Second attempt if I give 1 correct answer them result score is 25% not 75%.

Can anyone have a solution for the same?

I  share the sample storyline file as well as LMS SCORM package. Can you please check on LMS.