Retry question option not working in scene preview or published course

Hi, I've designed a quiz with 10 multiple types of questions and have set each question to be attempted twice. I've set all the triggers etc. on the try again layer and button and replicated them across slides. The issue is that everything works well when a slide is previewed 'individually', but when I preview the 'scene' the try again option does not work on the majority of the slides. They randomly work on some slides but not others when previewed so I can't even narrow it down to any particular slide. This is also the case when it's published.

Has anyone else experienced this. Unfortunately I can't upload the story file as it contains information confidential to the organisation I work with. I've attached an image which shoes the try again layer setting for a slide that functions and a slide that doesn't to show the settings.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)

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Judy Nollet

The image shows extra triggers that aren't needed. When you adjust the Attempts box to a number higher than one, Storyline automatically adds the Try Again layer -- and the only trigger on that layer is the "Hide layer" trigger associated with the Try Again button. With Slide Properties set to "Automatically decide" when revisiting (which is the default), everything should work as expected with just that trigger. In other words, you don't need to insert triggers about when to show the Incorrect layer or jumping to the slide. 

By the way, I understand about not being able to share confidential info. However, it's often helpful or even necessary to look at the Storyline file to figure out what's wrong. In those cases, consider saving a copy, deleting slides not involved in the issue, and quickly changing to Ipsum Lorum or other generic text. For example, simply use "What's the answer?" for the question, and "This one" or "Not this one" for the answers. 

Sinead Murphy

Hi Judy, thanks for the response. The additional triggers are used to reset to quiz to the original state when the user tries again, and to prevent them getting caught in a loop of unlimited attempts as can otherwise happen for drag and drop questions. There's a great video tutorial accessed here on this topic: