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1) I have created a course with a test at the end. If the student passes the course the first time, it is scored properly. However, if they click Retry Quiz, it is not recogonized. i have sent this to my LMS, but wondered if anyone else has had this occur.

2) I created a button "Exit Course" on the results page. However, if the student re-enters the course, it doesn' give them the option to begin the course again. i know there must be a varible i am missing. HELP!

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Nelson Rokke

Hi Joan,

I have two triggers assigned to the "try again" button on my results slide:

  1. Reset results "name of results slide" when the user clicks
  2. Restart course when the user clicks

Do you have both of these triggers assigned to the try again button?

If users aren't given the option to re-take a course, you can check settings found in the Player Properties:

  1. Click "Player" on the Home tab to open the Player Properties
  2. Click the gear icon labeled "other"
  3. Look at the second set of options titled Resume

You can modify these settings to allow participants to resume their progress after exiting a course.

Rebecca Beam

I was also having this problem. When I was clicking the Retry Quiz button, it just sat there. I discovered that if there is a Flash video on the results page, it interferes with the triggers, even if the video has finished playing. I don't know if this may be the same problem you are having.

If anyone knows how to work around the video issue, I would love to know how!

Rebecca Beam

I figured out my problem...maybe this will help you. On the results slide, instead of leaving the Retry Quiz button on the main layer, I cut and pasted it to the Failure layer, so it only shows up if they fail (I suppose you could also put it on the Success layer if someone wanted to try for a higher score).

It has worked perfectly the couple of times I have tested it, even with the Flash video playing. My guess is that if there are multiple triggers or actions going on in multiple layers, it messes things up. Hope this helps!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jim!

Sorry to hear that you've run into difficulty with this.

Are you using the built-in retry option on the results slide? The triggers are built-in for this.

If you are using something custom, be sure that you have a re-set results trigger when the user goes to retry the quiz so that they get the correct feedback layer upon return.

If you need us to take a look, feel free to share your .story file :)