Retry Quiz Button Won't Appear

Hi there,

I have created a quiz with a retry button and a HOME button which takes the user to a landing page.

I want to make it so that the user has to re-do the quiz until they achieve 80% - only once they achieve can they progress and go HOME.

I have added triggers so that the retry button is hidden if a score of 80% or more is achieved and only the HOME button is visible and vice versa if you achieve below 80% only the retry button is visible.

My triggers seem to be all correct but the retry button doesn't appear. Only the home button. I have tried everything.

I have added screenshots of my triggers.

Hope someone can help.

Thank you.


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Tamara Sandic

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for your feedback. I can't share my file publicly as it features company information. I have screenshot all the triggers on that slide. I'm not too sure how to identify if they are conflicting. Are you able to have a look please?

Thank you.

Wendy Farmer

HI Tamara

looks to me like its your trigger order.

Once SL executes a trigger to show a layer because of a condition, it shows that layer and SL stops processing any triggers after that on the base slide.

Change your 'change state' triggers to the top of the order and have the submit interaction as the final trigger in that section and see if that works.

Alternatively move those retry/home buttons to your feedback layers

Tamara Sandic

Hi Wendy,

I did as you suggested and neither the HOME or the Retry button appear now. I'm so confused. I did an identical storyline to this with all the same triggers and it worked perfectly fine - it's just this one that wont work. I have two quizzes in the file and neither will work. So odd.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tamara

here is a sample file - not sure if I have everything setup the same for you but it works for me.

I have a review quiz button and a home button on the base layer of the result slide. Both are set to hidden initial state.

Then I trigger the review quiz button to normal if they pass and trigger the home button to normal if they fail.

Hope this helps you troubleshoot.

Tamara Sandic

Thank you so much Wendy. I followed what you did and it worked. I think the order of my triggers was one issue and the other was the fact that I hadn't set up my variables correctly. I should've had score points percent over pass points percent as the variables instead of trying to use a value of 80%. Thanks so much for all your time and help :)