"Retry Quiz" does not clear answers from ungraded questions?


I have a course that has several questions in the self assessment. Only half of the questions count toward the actual score. The rest are not graded.

When I test the project and click "Retry Quiz" on the quiz summary results page, the score resets and the answers are cleared from only the questions that are scored.

Is there a setting to clear answers from ALL questions and text field boxes in the course?



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Wendy Farmer
Karen Siugzda

Is there a setting to clear answers from ALL questions and text field boxes in the course?

Hi Karen

no unfortunately - no magic setting but you could try setting the revisit slide properties of those 'ungraded questions' to reset to initial state and see if that gives you the behaviour you require.


Karen Siugzda

Hi Wendy,

If I change those slides to reset to initial state, then they'll erase any answers if the user happens to hit the "Back" button, too, right? Not sure that's a good user experience.

seems like I may need to set up some variables to make it work as I need it to, unless anyone else has a suggestion  :) 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

Correct - if the user navigates back to a slide (using their back button, the menu, etc.) and you're using the slide property of "reset to initial state" the question will be reset and they'll need to answer again to have a question scored correctly toward their total. 

Variables sound like the right way forward if you need a little bit of both happening. If you can share a copy of your .story file, that's often the way to get folks in the community to weigh in with ideas and solutions by looking at your file. 

Karen Siugzda

I'm thinking of approaching it this way:

Set up a variable for each of the questions that needs to be cleared manually.

When user gets to the end of course and hits the "Retry Quiz" button, it will set all these variables to TRUE.

When user comes to a non-graded question slide, the slide trigger will see the variable set to TRUE and then clear the answer when the timeline starts, then set the variable back to FALSE.

So.....  how do I trigger the program to clear the answer when the timeline starts for that particular slide? I do not see that as an option from the triggers panel.

Please advise.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen,

There isn't a trigger to reset the slide to the initial state, but you could add a trigger to change the state of each object to normal (i.e. unselected) based on a timeline or user action. 

It sounds like you're most of the way there, so if you need help setting up those triggers share an example of your .story file so that folks can take a look! 

Karen Siugzda

SL3 story file attached.

There are 4 questions in this sample. Only 2 of them are part of the graded quiz. I've set it so the  "non graded" questions are not included in the quiz results so that when the user chooses to "review quiz", those slides do not appear. It was confusing otherwise.

I'm thinking I can set a T/F variable when user hits "retry quiz" to help me reset the non graded answer options by changing their state, as Ashley suggested above. However, how do I do that for the text field in question #2? I can't figure out how to reset the text box entry form to be blank.

Also, if there are any other suggestions, I'm open to hearing them. Otherwise, I'll just have to create 12 new variables (one for each non graded question) and to set all the answer options to their initial state for each of those.

Alternate idea -- is there a way to include all questions in the quiz summary, setting non-graded questions to zero points (and thus have the answers clear properly on a quiz retry)... but then somehow NOT SHOWING the non-graded slides during the quiz review? Is there some place where I can set what slides to show during quiz review??

Additional ideas welcome!! (and of course, I'm on a deadline. ack)

Karen Siugzda

an update... using variables and info I learned from this post about how to reset a text field to be blank, I'm able to clear the non-graded answers.

however, this does not solve my problem, because SL is only resetting the items on the screen, not fully resetting the slide. As a result, it's not accepting new answer submissions. The text box is cleared, yet I'm unable to click in there and enter text. (The multi-select answers are cleared as well, on the other slide.) On both slides, the SUBMIT button does not display. I get the Previous / Next buttons, because SL thinks I've already been to these slides, as they are not properly "reset"

So I'm still in the same situation of not having this issues solved, even though I'm able to reset the answer selections.   :(