"Retry Quiz" doesn't play all questions when set to "Randomize"

We were having a lot of trouble with people failing lessons after retrying quizzes. Upon testing, we too struggled to get a pass even when we knew we had selected all correct answers. Results seemed to range anywhere from 40-80% despite having scored 100%.

We were stumped until we realised that when "Retry Quiz" was selected by the user, not all questions were being replayed. I.e. if the quiz had, say, 7 questions, then when a user would select "Retry Quiz", it would only play some, but not all questions. This made it impossible for people to pass.

We found that the fix was to deselect the "Randomise Questions" option in the quiz options. Even thought we had told it to randomise the questions, we had also told it to include "All" so it would replay all questions, but in a different order.

It would be good to know whether others have experienced this issue and if there is a fix as we would like to randomise the questions as part of our learning model.



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