retry quiz for only questions that I missed

I have a results slide with two layers "failure" and success". When on the failure layer due to low test score it will stop timeline of main slide and allow a person to "retry" the quiz for only the questions missed however I need to trigger the "Retry" button to reset the questions missed AND go to the first of the missed questions.... I cant get that last step and therefore people are not able to retake the missed questions..Any help appreciated.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Philip,

Happy to help, and thanks for sharing your file! It looks like you only included a results slide, so I wasn't able to see the quiz questions and how they connected, but here's an example from a file I created with two scenarios:

  • Add a second trigger to your Retry button after your Reset results to jump to the first question that's being graded. Storyline 360 will automatically jump to the first incorrect question that was submitted.
  • If the graded questions were part of a question bank, then change the trigger to jump to the question draw, and Storyline should recognize the first incorrect question that was submitted.

Give it a shot and let me know if this worked!