Retry Quiz - Frozen Answers

Nov 21, 2016

When I click on Retry Quiz (from the RESULTS screen), I come to questions that already have my previous answers on them and they are frozen, meaning I can't choose a different answer.  The NEXT button works and takes me to the other questions, but I just can't make any new selections.  I do have a trigger that states JUMP TO SLIDE, 1.46 QUESTION 1, when USER CLICKS, RETRY BUTTON.  And I have a second trigger that states RESET RESULTS, 1.56 RESULTS SLIDE, when USER CLICKS, RETRY BUTTON.  Am I missing something?


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Dan Felice

I did have the "Jump to" trigger on top of the "Reset Results."  I switched them and it now works perfect.  I'm embarrassed to say I didn't know the order even mattered, so I never would have figured this one out.  I can't believe the fix was that simple.  Thank you so much Emily for coming to my rescue and sharing your knowledge!

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