Retry/Review button issues


I'm having some issues with the 'review' and 'retry' options in this project. 

When clicking on retry, the user is only allowed to retake one question. 

When clicking the review button, once all questions have been reviewed, there is no option to return to the results slide. 

Any ideas?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jon!  You've got a really cool game setup there. The catch is, because you have a customized navigation through the game, the Retry and Review functions won't work as they normally do.

For Retry, your questions are all reset, but the gameboard slide is not.  It is set to resume the saved state.  So clicking Retry on the results slide will jump to the first question as it's designed, but once you return to the gameboard, you are already at the end.  The simplest option might be to have a "restart course" trigger when the user clicks to Retry, rather than just jumping to the first question slide.  This will reset everything.  Is the game the entire course?

As for the Review issue, I see that the trigger to jump to the results slide is on the feedback layers on the last question slide.  You can add some post-quiz review feedback, and that will create a Review layer on that slide.  Set a trigger on that layer to return to the results slide after the quiz review.

Let me know what you think of these ideas!