Return drag and drop to original location, with number of attempts limited

Hi, I have a drag and drop quiz question that has a limit on the number of attempts (2). I want to reset the drag item to its original location if wrong, and ran across various posts that suggest to reset the slide to original state, and when the "try again" button is pressed to jump to slide (this slide). Setting it up in this way will make the question attempts unlimited, in fact. How can I set up variables that will allow only two times revisiting the same slide, while triggering the "incorrect" state if it is incorrectly answered two times? 

I hope my question makes sense... 

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Walt Hamilton

Here is one method to return incorrect drops to original position. You can return to the initial state, and set up variables to limit the attempts, but that requires a lot more work, and I don't think it gains you anything that this doesn't have.