Return options when user exit quiz before completing it

Hello peeps, 

I am running into a road block and I am hoping you can help. 

I am using Storlyline 360 to build 4 quizzes. I have it set for users to only proceed to the following quiz if they fail the one before. If they start a quiz and not complete it, the quiz should be counted as fail and they can only participate in the quizzes they haven't taken yet.  

Here is what i am trying to accomplish. If the user exits one of the quizzes before completing it (by exiting the course), I dont want them to be able to resume or retake the same quiz upon their return.

If I set the course player settings to "never resume", when the user returns, the entire course is reset, therefore they are able to re-take any quizzes they already took. If i set it to "resume", it takes them to the question slide they left off (which i am trying to avoid). 

Does anyone know how to set the course for when the user exit the course in the middle of one of the quizzes, and returns later, to be unable to continue or restart the same attempt? 




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ruby, 

If your learners exit the course on a quiz slide you'll be limited to the two options you mentioned, either resetting the entire course or allowing the user to continue from where they left off. 

If you're looking to "lock out" the user from the course as a whole, I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS admin to see what settings they can enable. 

Let us know if you need anything else!