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Wendy Farmer

You can add a trigger to the base slide, show layer xx layer when timeline starts and if this is a 'return to this slide' and now you want to see the layer, you may need to add a variable to account for this is the second visit.

Hope that makes sense - hard to say without seeing the file. Happy to have a look if you want to upload your source file - just let us know which slide /layer you are referring to.

Wendy Farmer

If you use the T/F variable, that limits the return to slide to 1 (unless you reset the variable in case the learner wants to have another look).  Personally I would use a number variable - gives you more flexibility as anything greater than 1 will return the learner to the layer. 

I'm updating my answer...you could use either...if it triggers to True, then each time they go back it will be True and so should show the layer you want - sorry about confusing you.  I just tend to use number variables for return visits.