Return to furthest point in custom navigation

Dec 14, 2020

Hello all, 

I've got an issue with that I'm hoping you guys can come up with a better solution than I currently have. 

I have a series of projects that require custom navigation through a set of linear slides. Branding issues mean we need to have our own custom navigation. During our UX testing, it became apparent that we needed a back button that could step users through the slide. The back button was simple. Each time it is pressed the users goes back one step, simple.

The problem comes after. The users need to return to furthest point they have reached with one click. For example, the user visits slides A, B, C and then decides they want to revisit slide A, two clicks of the back button and they are there. I then need them to be able to jump back to slide C. This is currently done by having a button with a Jump to Slide C trigger If Menu.SlidesViewed=n. Where n is the slide project number in the Exclude slides window. 

The problem with this is I need a trigger for every slide I might navigate to in the project. It's far from unusual for a change to come in late and require the insertion of additional slides which then means the navigation has to be redone. Does anyone have a better way? 

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David Schwartz

Hi Steve,

That's a thorny issue. One thing I can think of that might make it a bit easier, although it does not entirely solve the issue: what if you set up one slide that all slides jump to when moving forward, and which contains all the triggers that jump to the appropriate next slide? In that way, at least all of the triggers would be in one location, and you would not have to touch all of the slides when new ones are added.

This slide would flash briefly, so maybe it could just be set to a black background.