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I have created a course that has many different sections, which a user can navigate to from a contents page.

Within each section the user has the option to return to the contents page at any time. 

I want to set it, so that if a user returns to the contents part way through a section, the next time they return to that section, it goes back to the last page they were on. How do I make this happen?


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Mateusz Szuter

Unfortunately it's a little painful to achieve what do you want.
You must make variable like "saved_chapter1", "saved_chapter2" etc.
Then, you must adjust that variable on every slide you want to, like you are on slide 10 of chapter2, then you adjust saved_chapter2 to 10.
And finally, on your sections page, you make a whole bunch of triggers "Jump to slide 1_chapter2 if saved_chapter2 = 1", "jump to slide 2_chapter2 if saved_chapter2=2".

There's no other way.

Have fun :)

Mateusz Szuter