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Jun 17, 2020


I'm on trial here, so please excuse this are possibly dumb questions.

Throughout my course I will draw on a question bank to ask progressive learning questions, these will not be marked.

At the end of the course I will ask all the questions in a final assessment that is marked.

Question 1: The final assessment may have up to 300 questions (yes, this is one heck of a big course).  My learner may want to take a break and return at a later time.  Is there any way of recording their score at break time and then returning to the next question when they log on again (it may be the next day)?

Question 2: Given the size of the final assessment, if there is a power outage, will they lose all their hard work or can I record their results progressively so that when reconnected, they do not have to resit the questions they previously answered?

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Sam Hill

HI Jack, this could be a tough one due to the size of the assessment (300 that a typo?). How many of the 300 questions is a user likely to see? If the course is being deployed to an LMS, I would like to know if you have access to SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. SCORM 2004 would be able to store the amount of resume data required for persisting the state. SCORM 1.2 would max out of space quite quickly.

I would be looking to see if it could be broken up into several smaller modules so that the user can complete in smaller chunks.

If there is a power outage, the most recent data would have been sent to the LMS by Storyline already (on each slide navigation, the data is sent to the LMS). You would also need to check with the LMS to see how it handles an interruption in a session and what it does with an attempt/record that has not been closed by the course cleanly. Most LMS will treat it as a closed session after a timeout period, and can be picked up again where left off, but there may be some LMS that will throw the record away. You can always test this kind of thing just by simulating a power outage and seeing where you pick up the course when you resume.

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