Return to Results slide after reviewing results

I have a ten questions quiz.  Then, I have another slide, before the results, that confirms that users are ready to submit their results or they can review them.  When they get to the results slide, they get their score and they can review their quiz results.  My problem is that when they get to the end of the questions, namely question 10, they don't return to the results slide but to the previous one.  

Can I somehow solve this?

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Joanna Kurpiewska

I'd create a true/false variable, let's say it's named as 'visited', set it to 'false' initially.

On the "confirmation slide",  add a trigger to change the variable value to 'true' when the timeline starts.

On the last question slide add 2 triggers:

- jump to 'confirmation slide' when user clicks next if the 'visited' variable is equal to false

- jump to 'result slide' when user clicks next if the 'visited' variable is equal to true

Hope this helps :)