Return to the spot where I left a slide....

I'm pretty certain I'm missing an easy solution here. 

I have a menu screen with buttons, each with a trigger that jumps to a slide with a scenario. When the learner finishes the scenario, I want them to return to the spot on the menu where they departed and process a few more triggers behind the scenes before making another choice. 

If they JUMP TO SLIDE from the scenario, they're start the slide over rather than continuing to process the triggers.

What am I missing??

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Carrie Eaton

I set the slide property on the menu slide to resume saved state as you've suggested here. And have a button on the scenario slide to jump back to the menu, but the flow still starts from the top of the menu slide rather than executing the trigger right below the jump to menu trigger. I tested by including a comment variable that changes in a trigger just below the jump-to scenario button. That text doesn't update. What am I missing, Walt?

Walt Hamilton

"Saved state" saves the states of objects, and if the timeline was interrupted, may return to that spot, but it doesn't jump to the middle of a trigger sequence. Can you do that background processing before the "Jump to Scenario" trigger?

Otherwise, you could put that background processing on a layer, have the scenario set a variable to continue scene1 processing. Then you would set the menu slide to restart, and have a trigger to "Show Scene1 Processing layer when the slide timeline starts if the scene1 processing variable is true. Put the background triggers on that layer, and set them to fire when the layer timeline starts. Set the layer to hide itself when the timeline ends, and make the timeline .1 or .25 of a second. Nobody will notice the delay.

Carrie Eaton

No, the processing has to do with values being brought back from the scenario so has to happen after the jump-to-slide trigger.

And what your suggesting as an alternative is basically what I've just started working on or a variation of it. The value being brought back is a 1, 2 or 3, based on the learner's answer. I can use that for the condiiton 'if scenario_answer_01 is >0 show layer ___'. I've already done that in some other places but was hoping I could find an easier/cleaner way.

There are 25 scenarios and there's a reasonable amount going one each time a scenario is complete. It would be so nice if triggers could do more than one thing....'if answer =2, do 01, 02,and 03.' Sigh....

Thanks for helping me think this through, Walt!