Returning a "Failed" status when set to report "Passed/Incomplete"

Nov 28, 2022

We have a short course that contains a 3-question final test. This test is set up so that both Correct/Incorrect answers are scored as if they are correct, making every attempt result in a 100% passing score. 

We also have built in the option to retake the test, which resets the results and allows users additional attempts. It seems that, in doing so, the course will sometimes report an "Incomplete" completion and a "Failed" success result. What is confusing is that the LMS Reporting option is set to Passing/Incomplete. we should not be getting a Failed result, especially when there is a 100% score returned as well.

Any thoughts?

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John Morgan

Hi Jason,

I'm sorry you're getting that failed status! Have you tested your course in SCORM cloud? It's an online LMS environment that can be used to figure out whether the issue is with the LMS or the Story file. If you test your course on SCORM cloud and it works perfectly, then your issue is LMS based.

Thanks for reaching out!