Returning to a slide to resume from the last cue point

UPD A brilliand idea was provided to me by Articulate support to resolve this ussue: use the multiple choice question slide as the main slide itself, let the question "live" a short period of time on the slide (controlled by the submit button) and then resume to play the video directly on the same slide.
Attached a .story file and a screenshot I received from support. Many thanks! 

However this allows to use only one question  along the video, as graded questions cannot be copied more than once on the same timeline. For multiple questions building them from scratch with variables is possible.

I have read the article on the cue points, where the use case was given - you can insert a graded question and jump to it from a cue point on your main timeline.

As far as I understand, it is not possible to insert a graded question on a layer (unless you custom-build it with variables by yourself), so you would need to make a separate slide with it and jump to it when your main timeline reaches a certain cure point.
But if I want to return back to the main slide after answering the questions and resume from where I left  - I cannot do it, as the timeline starts from the beginning.

I have tried to work with a variable (if the cue point reached - pause timeline, jump to question slide. On the question slide mark the variable "seen" as true. After the question return to the main slide and if variable "seen" is true -- resume the  timeline) - but still the timeline on the main slide plays from the beginning.

Is there a workaround?
Many thanks!

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