returning to original layer from a web site link

When playing my SL file I get to a layer that has several web links to specific pages. It opens the website fine but Wwhen I select the back button on the website I want it to go back to the original layer it was launched from but it is going back another level to the slide (which does not show the layers with the web options. I'm not sure what to do to get back to the specific slide layer that it was launched from. I have tried the "Resumed saved state" but that has no affect.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kari,

It sounds like your "previous" button is set with a trigger to go to "previous slide" and therefore it will always return you to the base layer. If you'd like it to return to a specific layer, you could change the trigger associated with the "previous" button on that slide to Show layer -> the layer in question -> when user clicks the Previous button. 

kari held

The only trigger I have set on that text block is to the specific web page on our website. I don't have it opening in a new web browser so all I thought I would have to do is select the back button from the web page to bring me back to the same layer I was on when I clicked the link but it doesn't take me back to the layer I was on, it takes me back to a previous layer. I can tell it to open in a new page but I have multiple links to pages and I don't always want it to open in a new page.