Returning to paused slides

Feature request/bug report (not sure whether this is design decision, bug or oversight):

Short version: It would be really nice if when a user returns to a slide set to 'Resume saved state', Storyline would remember if the timeline was paused or playing (or if we could set it to Resume saved state and pause timeline), instead of always resuming the timeline.

Longer version/use case: I have a slide which contains a lot of animations controlled by a slider. Whenever the user adjusts the slider, it jumps to a cue point on the base layer's timeline (conditional on the slider variable), resumes the timeline, and then pauses at the next cue point if the slider variable is still set to the same number. This is all working really nicely, except that if a user returns to the slide and resume saved state is on, the timeline will always resume even if it's paused when the user leaves the slide, which causes it to go through all my animations in sequence until it gets to the end of the timeline regardless of where the slider is.


A quick search through the forum brought up a few threads from people having similar issues with audio files when revisiting slides that they'd like to remain paused, this might also help for uses like that.

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