Reusable Sound Effect Asset

I searched the forum and came up with no hits, so either it's so easy no one is asking or I'm searching with the wrong key words.

In short, is there a way to have a "reusable audio asset" for an entire story?  I'm doing some game show stuff and currently am dropping the same audio files on dozens of slides to be used audibly with similar clickables.

It seems to me there would be way to import something once and it's then listed as a "play media" option across the entire story. 

Is there a way to do this, am I missing something?


Storyline 360

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Jerry Beaucaire

Hehehe. That's a clever solution.  So to be complete:

  1. Open the Master
  2. Add a sound to the Master
  3. Create a true/false variable with a name that you will associate with that sound
  4. Add a trigger on the Master side to play the audio clip with the variable changes
  5. Close the Master
  6. On the story slides, simply toggle the variable with triggers on the slide assets where a specific sound is to play and it will occur automatically via the Master's trigger.

Very slick!   I get it now.  

What I was looking for was a way to get the audio clip added to the Master to show on the "Play Media > Audio" options, which I see now was a non-starter.  This is awesome.


Thanks again.

Jerry Beaucaire

UPDATE - now that Storyline 360 has a MEDIA LIBRARY, it gives me the exact functionality I was looking for... an easy way to access the same assets across a project with bloating through duplication.   And when you update the asset in the MEDIA LIBRARY, that change flows to all the places it is used in the project.

Thanks Articulate Team!