Reveal Layer Upon Return from Branching Slide in Storyline 2

I have a scene that has 10 branches off a single slide (I'll call it a Home Slide).  I would like for a checkmark to be added to the Home Slide after the learner has returned to the Home Slide from the last slide in a branch.  So, for example, the learner clicks Hotspot 1 which takes them to the first slide in Branch 1.  After the learner has viewed all slides in Branch 1 the next button returns them to the Home Slide.  When they return to the Home Slide from Branch 1 I would like Checkmark 1 to appear over Hotspot 1.  And then this should repeat for the remaining 9 branches so that when the last checkmark is in place an audio clip will play and the next button will link to the next series of slides.

Can you point me to some helpful resources or share what you have done to achieve this effect?

Many thanks!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Susan

I would create 10 T/F variables one for each branch eg. B1comp, B2comp

On the last slide of each branch, create a trigger 'Adjust variable B1comp, to value of True when timeline starts on that last slide. 

On the Home slide, create a trigger, Change state of Hotspot 1 to visited (create a visited state with a checkmark) when timeline starts on Home slide on condition that B1comp = true.

Hope that helps - happy to do a short sample if you need it.

Susan Stewart

Thanks, Wendy!  Perhaps you can look at the attached screenshots and tell me where I misinterpreted your instructions.  I currently have the checkmark hidden on the first visit to the slide (see BComp1_Start_State), and have created a condition on the last Branch 1 slide (See BComp1_Change_State), and finally adjusted the variable back on the Home Slide to reveal the checkmark (See BComp1_Adjust_Variable).  When I preview the checkmark is not visible on the Home Slide when first visited (as it should be)...however, when I return to the Home Slide after viewing the last slide in Branch 1, the checkmark does not show up.  What am I missing??

Wendy Farmer


Screenshot Adjust_Variable change to:

Adjust variable, BComp1 = assignment, Value = True when timeline starts on 6.17 - remove the condition

Screenshot BComp1_Start_State change condition to: BComp1 is not equal  to true

 If they don't work - happy to look at your file if you want to upload it...hard to do without seeing the full setup


Susan Stewart

Ashley, thanks for checking in. With regard to

*SET UP:* Yes! Wendy was super helpful! I ended up making invisible
buttons to replace my hot spots and then followed Wendy's suggestions...and
it worked! I'd still like to know if it is possible to do the same type of
thing with a hotspot and an image (like a custom made checkmark) rather
than a button.

*FILE SIZE: *I did two things. I removed a bunch of the slides and did a
save as and the file size remained at 144. I also started a new file and
imported only a few select files and then saved it with a different name.
Again, the file size did not reduce.

Susan Stewart

I finally got it!  Instead of using hotspots on the main image on the Home Slide, I created buttons that were invisible and voila!  Thank you so much for your help!  I would never have figured this out without you!

Is bComp a standard variable?  It seems like magic that bComp works since I never really defined what bComp is.