revealed content upon click

I am trying to replicate the functionality of an Engage interaction, but every solution I've attempted has been unsuccessful. I'd like to have each title bar reveal the content below it when clicked the first time (as in the example link). The second click hides the content again. The small navigation buttons also give the same linear (next in line) navigation I can't seem to figure out whether this is done with different layers on one slide or different slides or which triggers to use. Can anyone please look at the attached link and give me a little guidance to achieving this functionality?



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Peter Anderson

Hey Stephen, welcome to Heroes!

I'm sure one of our awesome course builders in the community would be happy to help you reconstruct something similar to that Engage interaction, but if you have Engage already, you can insert it straight into your Storyline project. And if you don't already have Engage, you can try it free for 30 days, build your interaction, and insert it before your trial expires. 

Mike Enders

Did someone ring up a course builder?  Peter, is that you?

Hi Steve,

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but here's a quick FAQ mockup based on something I constructed this summer.   Hope it helps get you started down the right path.  Note, I don't have it tied into a navigation scheme (using buttons to advance between items), but that could likely be worked in without too much difficulty (famous last words).