Review Cycle Documents?

Since modules need to be reviewed several times throughout the course of it's development, I was wondering if anyone has any documents or points that you have SMEs or reviewers look for - for each round. We spend so much time going back and catching things that should have been caught early on, that I'd like to have a list of things people should look for.

I would love to see what people ask of reviewers.

For example:

Review 1: Content, grammar, language, 

Review 2: Ins designer review only, et..

Review 3: Look and feel, flow, etc.

Functionality Review 4: Functionality, screens turning, videos playing, audio heard, no large glaring (have to change errors)


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Julie Taylor

This is great- lots of good information. But I'm looking for specific
information that you ask SMEs for, not necessarily how to document.
For example - the first review is good for template, colors, etc. but the
last review- I shouldn't be getting those types of review comments anymore.
Looking for some way to narrow down specifically, what each review is for.