Review for randomized exam before submission

Jun 21, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for our use case: 

We have a final exam that is 100 random questions out of 230 possible, organized into multiple question pools (15 from pool 1, 30 from pool 2, etc, all totaling 100). I used a number variable and -1/+1 triggers on the Prev/Next buttons respectively to provide question numbers for the learners so they know their progress. 

The last thing I'd like to built is a better way of reviewing their answers BEFORE submitting. I do not want to use the built-in "Review" option on the results page. I want a way for learners to be able to go through all their answers. Right now, I have a button on a page before the results slide that brings the user back to question 1 and resets the number variable to 1. Then, they have to click through all 100 questions again to check their answers before submitting. This is workable, but not idea. 

I'm looking for suggestions about how to structure this review so that users can skip around more easily to specific questions (even "sections" aka exam pools would be better) WITHOUT messing up the question number variable. Any ideas welcome! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Becca,

I hope someone in the community can help with ideas for this custom review - but I did want to make sure you weren't having a problem with the built in review functionality? Is it not behaving as you'd expect?

The built in review should bring you back to the slides in the saved state so that the user can see how they answered. You could still set a trigger to adjust your number variable so that it'll be adjusting correctly for the review. 

Becca C

Hi Ashley! Thanks for the quick response. From what I could understand, the built-in review option is housed in the options for the "Results" slide. I need an option BEFORE submission, ideally to view all the questions at the same time, but it looks like from other forums I'm not going to get that. Going through the questions one-at-a-time before triggering submit does the job (revisiting the slides in a saved state), but isn't an ideal UX design - going through 100 questions all formatted the same would be monotonous and error-prone for our learners. 

What I ended up doing (if anyone has a similar use case) is removing the Question Number variable from all slides. Then I turned on the option in the player settings to show the contents of the question bank draw on the player menu and the option to number automatically in the menu. Now it's easier for users to jump around to specific questions during review. Not ideal but much better! 


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