Review of all answers at the end of a quiz


I have a specific request from a client regarding a storyline 360 quiz. The client wants the user to:

1. Answer each question without being told if correct or not.
2. After the 30 questions they get pass/fail score
3. The click a button which shows review of answers showing the questions they got correct/wrong on a screen.

Is this possible. I know you can go back and review but not seen it done at the end on essentially 1 screen after quiz score.

Many Thanks



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Pete,

As you've seen, the built-in review function allows someone to step through every question to see which ones they answered correctly and which were wrong. Depending on how you set this up, the program could also indicate the correct answers and/or you could include feedback text. 

There is no built-in function to list the questions and indicate which were right and which wrong all on one slide. You'd have to create a custom list using variables. 

Unasked for advice: Discuss the request with the client.

  • Why don't they want to give immediate feedback? Giving corrective feedback could help the users learn. 
  • Why don't they want the users to be able to step through all the questions to see which they got wrong and which right?  Again, that would give them more information. If they just see a list that says they got questions 2, 5 and 14 wrong, that doesn't tell them what the question was, how they responded, nor what the correct response was and why. (And if they want to repeat all that info, but on one slide, why? That just makes it messier, and adds to the development time/cost.) 

If you chat with the client, you'll get a better understanding of what they want to accomplish — and perhaps be able to convince them to take a more reasonable approach. 

Good luck!