Review previous slides in a dynamic scenario based course


I am working on a project which is a scenario based course. It is a branching scenario.

Background – Learner has 3 choices (Good, Middle of the road and fail choice). The conversation in the course proceeds based on the choice, learner makes. The conversation is very dynamic and not linear as each choice further leads to 3 more choices and so on.

Problem - I have created the course and linked all the branches. I am stuck at review. I have to record the previous choice learner makes and pull it when learner click review icon. I created 3 variables and assigned it to each of the option. I have assigned the default value for these variables as false and included condition, which will change the variable value to true if the learner selects it. I have also created trigger on the review icon with a condition to pull the previous slide if the assigned variable is true.

I can see the variable is recording but when I click review button nothing happens.

I am attaching a sample story file for reference.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you please help me.


Thank you.




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Brian Allen

Sounds like when your learner clicks on the review button then they should go back to the previous slide they were on?

If so, when you add a trigger to a button, the trigger for jump to "previous slide" will return to the last visited slide, not the previous slide in your slide order, so using it may provide you the results you're looking for.

Hope this helps,