Review problem with multiple brancing


I have a quiz that features a multiple choice question with 3 possible outcomes.

1 correct - go to next question

2 incorrect (but not badly wrong) - go to next question

3 Badly incorrect - fail quiz and go straight to results slide and miss out remainder of quiz

This all works fine apart from in the review. If the user gets the question wrong (either with answer 2 or 3) then in review you are taken to that slide,  told you got it wrong and then next takes you back to the results slide without showing the results of the other question slides (which the user that chose answer has attempted). The problem is resolved if I take out the 'badly incorrect' branching and just go to the next question but ideally I would like to keep the 'badly incorrect' branching

Am I missing something?

Many thanks

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Mark Waterfield

Thanks for your reply. It is a test project that i am developing to
roadtest Articulate rather than
I have attached the source file
Many thanks
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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mark,

Thanks for sharing the file here. Are you only using multiple choice questions? If so, you could use the "feedback by choice" option to allow for the branching instead of your custom triggers you've set up based on what the user selected. Making that change in your set up allowed for the review of all the slides answered - and you can set up those individual layers to still provide the custom feedback as you have. Here is additional information about feedback by choice.