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I have 3 freeform quizzes, each in separate scenes in a story.  I have successfully got them scoring per quiz and then an overall score for the whole story.  However, when users click on 'Review Quiz', not only are they shown the freeform quiz screens again, they are also shown all other non-quiz screens too.  Is there some way of ensuring users only review quiz screens when clicking on 'Review Quiz'?

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onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

I think you could do it but you would need to use some variables and triggers.

create a variable for reviewMode default is False.

Put a trigger on the Review Quiz button to set reviewMode to true.

Add triggers to the Next button on each slide you dont want visited that set the Next action to jump to the next quiz slide IF reviewMode == true. 

There could be some other ways to handle the content slides... like auto jumping when the slide starts IF in reviewMode or showing a layer that covers the content... etc. 

G Dian

Thanks, James!  I've tried what you suggested and it certainly works for the first slide .... but  not then for the subsequent slides!

I've tested it on a very simple story:

Slide 1 = info slide 1

Slide 2 = quiz slide 1

Slide 3 = info slide 2

Slide 4 = quiz slide 2

Slide 5 = info slide 3

Slide 6 = results slide

On slides 1, 3 and 5 I have set the player trigger to

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: the next quiz slide

When: user clicks

Object: next button

Condition: reviewMode == Equal to true (having first set the variable reviewMode default to false and having added a trigger to the 'Review Quiz' button on Slide 6 to change reviewMode to true. 

As it happens, I've found a workaround for the project I was working on - fiddly, but, in some ways, it works better than before.   The project is a basic simulation in which learners, faced with a number of situations, have to gather information and make decisions.  Instead of using the default quiz review showing whether or  not their answers were correct or incorrect together with any other feedback, now, when they click on 'review' they are taken to a new slide.  This new slide has a menu of each of the situations about which they had to make decisions.  Clicking on any of these menu options takes them to a 'dedicated' layer (one layer per decision / menu option) which shows which was the preferrred decision, (though not the decision they actually selected) along with a commentary.  They can move from 'layer' to 'layer' because the menu of situations / decisions is recreated on each 'layer' which means they can select exactly which decisions they want to review in the orderr they want to review them.

Whilst the quiz is scored, it's not an assessment test - my workaround would obviously not be effective if I had needed them to re-take the 'quiz' .... so I'm still interested in finding a solution .....!

Best regards


Chris Ammon

Funny how timely this is. I was just trying to do the same thing today! I managed to get Retry Quiz to work nicely with just one variable. I created variable ReviewQuiz (I picke that name thinking it would work for both Review and Retry) default to False. When the user clicks the Retry Quiz button, the variable changes to True. The last slide of quiz 1 has a trigger to jump to the first slide of the second quiz IF the variable is true. Works great.

The problem is Review Quiz. The Review Quiz slides don't show the Submit button. They show Previous and Next buttons, but you can't assign triggers to them. I had to hack it by adding a button to the Review layer of the last slide of Quiz 1. It says, "Jump to second set of questions" and it does just that. IF the user clicks Next button, they continue the course in order. Bummer. I don't see any way to affect those buttons in Review mode.

Stephanie B

Hi all,

Think I found a way round this one a different way for anyone still stuck on this one...

I moved all non-question slides into a different scene, leaving only the question slides in the same scene as the results slide. Then just made sure the "jump to slide" triggers were set up to navigate to the non-question slides when required taking the quiz. Now when I review the quiz, only the question slides are included, as the previous and next buttons just run through the questions in order in that scene