Review Quiz Answers Shown all jumbled up

Hey Team! 

Hoping for some guidance! I've been working on a Quiz and upon reviewing the Quiz, it shows which questions are correct and incorrect. As it should!  :) However, when I have a question that I can submit multiple correct answers for, it displays them all jumbled up over each other. I have attached an image for you to see. Any advice on how to fix this?

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Mitty Moolman

Hi Leslie,

Sorry for the delay! Looks like I could sort it out!

This type of slide was a "Type in" the answer slide, which allows for multiple answers. So when you view the Quiz Review slide, it lists all of the answers underneath the initial "Type In" box. You cant see it on my slide shared above, but the placement of my answer box too low to the bottom is what caused the answers to all be squished in at the bottom! :) 

Audrey Wadsworth

Thanks for the assistance. It seems if I turn the "Show correct/incorrect responses when review", the problem doesn't occur. So that is what I am considering. Either that or taking the review off completely. How do I get you a file? Too big to email.

Audrey Wadsworth
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