Review Quiz Bug

Aug 25, 2022

I have a quiz where the learner can take it twice after which they are asked to retake the course. I used a page visited variable so that the retake course layer shows after 2 failed attempts. On the success layer I have a review results button which when clicked is showing the correct answers as wrong and after the review shows me the retake course layer as I guess it's counting it as page visit. 

Is there a way to work around this? Can I use something else instead of a page visit variable to limit the quiz attempts to 2 tries after which a retake course layer/slide appears. 

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Joe Tansengco

Hello Rohini, 

Thanks for reaching out! 

You'll need to set the revisit behavior of your slides to either 'Automatically decide' or 'Resume saved state' so they can remember the learner's answers when the course enters review mode: 

Regarding the issue with your variable, would you be willing to upload a copy of your file here or in private by opening a case so we can take a look at how it's configured? We'll delete it afterwards.