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Christie Pollick

Hi, John -- Thanks so much for reaching out! If I am clear on what you are asking, you will not be able to set the Quiz Review to show only incorrect responses, but you can set it to show what was answered correctly or incorrectly as seen below in Step 5 of this tutorial on Adding Results Slides:

Step 5:  Choose Options

To specify additional options, such as reviewing, printing, and retry features, select the Options tab on the left side of the window, and mark the check boxes for any or all of the following:

  • Allow user to review quiz:  This causes a Review Quiz button to appear on your slide, which allows users to go back and review the answers they submitted for the questions.  If you also want notations to appear during the review to indicate whether answers were right or wrong, mark the box next to Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing.

Or, perhaps others in the community may had some additional ideas they can suggest to assist you further! :)