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Jan 27, 2016

I want to give learners the opportunity to review answers they gave at the end of a quiz but not tell them if they answered correctly or incorrectly. 

I have selected the option to review the quiz and deselected the "show correct/ incorrect responses when reviewing" check box. However the feedback still pops up on the quiz. Am I missing something here? 

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Wendy Farmer

So you want them to review the questions but not see

either the correct/incorrect banner or the tick to show correct responses.

Ok see attached sample file

I have added a custom review button and added triggers to hide the submit button on review.

See if this behaviour works for you - you'll see variable references on screen that was just my testing.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Mavis

I created a T/F variable called review. Didn't realise you had more than one quiz.


Without knowing if you are having individual result slides that lead to a master result slide or just one result slide that takes into account all the quiz banks - that would change how many T/F variables you need e.g. review1, review2.

I created a custom review button on the result slide that when clicked triggers the review variable to True and another trigger that jumps to the 'draw from question bank' slide. Be aware of trigger order.

On each quiz slide I added a review layer (no content) just called review - you could probably add this to your quiz slide master (you'd need to test that)

On each quiz slide I added a trigger:

Change state of 'submit' button to hidden when timeline starts on the quiz slide on condition that variable review is equal to true.

You'll also need to watch your navigation when they are reviewing if they are jumping from quiz bank to quiz bank - need to know more about your setup.

I think that's it - hope it helps.


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