Review Quiz Correct/Incorrect Answer Color Options

Is it possible to change the colors of what the student sees when they review their quiz in Storyline. For example, if they review, the color green or red shows up at the bottom depending on if they got the question correct or incorrect. ADA accessibility says to not use color to convey meaning. I'd like to change the red and green to something that is different and is the same color, yet still provide this feedback in this nice format provided. I'm not sure I can use that feature if it is left as is.

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Camille Kilbourne

Thank you for the quick reply! As I investigated the accessibility issue further since the words correct and incorrect appear in addition to the color, meaning the color is not the only thing used to indicate meaning, it will be okay and I can use the feedback as is. Thank you though, for the tutorial reference, as I do like to customize quite a bit, so I just learned something new!