Review Quiz - Correct/Incorrect Overlap

I did an update to my Storyline program a couple of weeks ago and it appears to have made the bottom bar of the player larger.  While I am able to move my individual slide elements up to accomodate this change, I have been unable to figure out how to move the "Review Quiz" elements.

When a user reviews the quiz, they see their answer and then a bar appears at the bottom with either "correct" or "incorrect".  This bar and a portion of the words are cut off by the player.  How can I make this fit without the overlap?

Thanks for your help!

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Carlos.

I'm not 100% certain which issue you're referring to, but Caryn had 2 distinct problems:

  1. The bottom of each slide was cut off when she previewed or published her Storyline project.  This article resolved the problem for her.
  2. She also reported a blue circle at the top right corner of the player.  This is the timer, and the timer can be disabled by following Step 5 within the same article.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!