Review Quiz discrepancy with correct answers

Jan 31, 2016

Hi All, 

Has  anyone experienced discrepancies with the correct/incorrect banner on review slides, i.e. even when I answered the questions correctly, in review mode displays "incorrect"? (I checked that the show correct/incorrect response in Result Settings is checked; and validated that the correct answers were checked in each questions form view).

Also I turned off the audio for Review mode, however the animation/timeline moves as in the base slide, any way to disable that in Review Mode?

Appreciate any insight...Thx!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Katherine -- Thanks so much for sharing your question! May I ask if you are seeing the discrepancies you've described when testing your published output in the environment where it will ultimately be accessed? Please see here for details

And if you'd like to share your file in order for us to take a closer look and do some testing, please upload here and we'll share our findings as soon as possible. :)

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