Review quiz - how do you get Storyline to show the correct feedback (blank slides) when reviewing?

Hi, I am building in Storyline a knowledge check using a quiz slide with blank slide showing the feedback when they press submit. I have a results slide at the end with Review enabled.  I would the learn to see the answer they gave and review the feedback for that answer as a reminder.  I can see the feedback slide in review but it is showing the wrong feedback for the answer given.  What am I missing. Any thoughts?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alice,

Thanks for sharing here. I took a look and I'm not sure I'm replicating what you mentioned - so I recorded a video of the behavior. You'll want to make sure that you're working on local project files as described here.  Also, if you're still having issues could you tell us a bit more about where you're testing/viewing the content and the specific steps to go through to replicate it? 

Alice Denham



Thank you for your response.


I can only get it to show 2 out of the 3 feedbacks - which is the same as


It is showing the correct feedback once published - it wasn't in preview
though. So that is great. But how do I get it to show the feedback for
question 3?


Many thanks





Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alice,

Thanks for your patience while I took a look at your file. I didn't notice it right away based on my first run through - but what's happening is that as a part of the review functionality the built in trigger is to "jump to next slide" which will go in the order of the slides numerical sequence. So in your file, if you answered question 2 correctly (slide 1.8)  you see the feedback on slide 1.4, but when you're going through the review, after slide 1.8, the built in trigger will bring you to slide 1.9 which is the wrong feedback. 

If you wanted, you could customize the feedback layers for each question to include all the custom information you put on the slides as a part of the layers, and that way the user would see the feedback the first time through, and if you didn't set it to hide the layer when the timeline ended, but to just jump to the next slide - then that should allow the user to see the information upon the return. You could also look at customizing the review layer as detailed here and then choose to jump passed all the feedback slides. 

Richard Karel

Hi Alice, It's also showing all three feedback slides in review for me after it updates to SL2 with no review slides presented.  In SL 1, I do not see the third question's review slide. You do not have feedback items in the Correct / Incorrect layers of Question 3 slide.  This may be related to what's causing the issue, b/c it's the only thing different from the other two question slides, besides its proximity to the results slide. Hope this helps!