Review Quiz: how to customize the functionality

I've seen a few discussions that address the Review Quiz function and customizing its look and feel. However, I haven't been able to locate an answer to my question, so I apologize if it already exists. Here it goes:

My course is comprised of an intro screen, a question bank (with randomized questions and answers), and the results slide. On the results slide, we are utilizing the Review Quiz button. However, we are NOT providing post-quiz review feedback. 

Question #1. We'd like to show only those questions that were answered incorrectly. (The default functionality reviews all questions whether they were answered correctly or incorrectly.) How do I do that?

Question #2. We do NOT want the correct answer to display. How do I remove the green checkmark that denotes the correct answer? (see attachment)

Thank you so much!

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Bobbi Vernon

Hi Leslie, I appreciate the help, but it looks like that thread has to do with limiting retakes to questions answered incorrectly only. I'm trying to limit the post-quiz review (not the retake) to only those questions answered incorrectly. (When retaking the exam, learners will have to answer all of the questions again.) Additionally, during the review, I need to turn off the functionality that displays the correct answer (the green checkmark). I'm thinking this is native functionality for Storyline that is not editable. Confirmation of that is equally as helpful as being able to do it. :-)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bobbi, 

Although the link Leslie shared is about retaking, the same logic would apply for the review to only see the ones they got correct or incorrect. 

As for the checkmark, if you turn off the item as Leslie showed above, that'll stop you from seeing correct or incorrect checkmarks. There isn't a way to remove it on a slide by slide basis or just the green checkmarks. Some folks have looked at customizing the review layer as a whole, and you could review those items here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Glad to clear things up Bobbi - and hope you'll be able to use that going forward. As I mentioned it's similar logic, just on a different button and depending on what you want to show will determine how the variable operates. If you run into any difficulty you may want to post what you've got worked up so far, that way those in the community can take a look at your exact set up and weigh in - trigger order in these type of set ups is crucial.