Review Quiz Isn't Allowing the User to Review the Entire Quiz

Hi There!

I have created a completely interactive course that is grading each click and each text entry. I have created a final results slide that provides the final score. Possible Points:1020; Points to Pass: 820.

When I click on Review Quiz, it takes me back to the first gradable interaction and allows me to click through until it reaches slide 6.10. At that point, the review doesn't continue and allow me to see the rest of the gradable interactions. 

Any help to figure out how the Review Quiz can show all of the interactions, would be much appreciated!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Brittany -- Thanks for reaching out here and sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you can please confirm that you are testing the published output in the intended environment or where it will ultimately be accessed by your learners? If you are having issues there as well, you are welcome to share your file, and if you'd like to submit for private review, here is the form you would need