Review Quiz Issue

I have a quiz with 4 questions.  The first slide of the quiz is a content slide and then it goes through four questions.  The last two slides in the quiz are content s lides.

I have set up the Review Quiz function on the Results slide.  When the user clicks the Review button on the Results slide, however, they see the four quiz questions, which is what I want  – but then it also shows the last two content slides again, but skips the first content slide.   

Ideally, I only want it to show the four quiz question results when the user reviews the quiz, no content slides.  I don’t seem to have the ability to keep the content slides from displaying.  I either want all of content slides to display or none of them when the user reviews the quiz.

Has anyone run across this issue? 

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Gail,

Not sure if this is an issue rather a simple design structure. Have you considered separating  your content slides from the quiz altogether?

Any slides with or without questions within the structure of a quiz are subject to the Review Quiz option. That programming is default to the quiz itself and not something we can currently manipulate.

Can you set it up like this?

- Content slide

- Quiz with 4 questions

- Content slide

- Content slide

Or is the the last two content slides part of the quiz interaction? 

One idea would be to create those last two content slides as layers on the last question. Advancing from the Correct or Incorrect feedback layer would move the user to Content 1 layer. And then that layer would move them to Content 2 layer. 

Not sure if this will work, but then upon 'Review Quiz' those two layers shouldn't appear because they were only visible via an action by the user to show those layers.

Gail George


Thanks for replying.  The content slides are part of the quiz.  I am fine with having them show on the review, the real issue is that the first content silde does not show, only those in the middle or end of the quiz.

How can I get the first content slide to display on the review of the quiz?


Gail George


I get that. 

So, how do I get the first slide, which is content only to display in the Review?  I can't put that content slide after the first question because it is the introduction to the quiz.

That's my quandry.  I would prefer to not have any of the content slides show in the Review, but the ones in the middle and end of the quiz are showing automatically.  The content slides are not checked in the Results slide, where it asks you to select the ones you want as part of the scoring, so I don't know how to make it consistent with either all of the content slides showing or not showing any of them.


Gail George


It's not before the first slide of the quiz, it's before the first question slide of the quiz.  It's part of the quiz, and I would hope there's a way that it can be included it in the review or a way to take the other content slides in the quiz.

I've given the file to Articluate support and maybe there's a work-around they can come up with.  If they do, I'll pass it on.