review quiz issue

We have an issue that seems to happen only in Chrome, and somewhat unpredictably, though we can reproduce it most of the time.  I have made a video for a clear visual of it, as the description below sounds convoluted. I can share the video privately if someone thinks they can help, but can't post it publicly. 

Here's a description:

  • Fail the scored assessment.
  • Go back through the content, retake the assessment and fail again.
  • Review the assessment several times (Review Assessment button on Fail layer of Results slide). Around the 5th time reviewing the assessment, we are taken to the Success layer and we are marked as complete in the LMS. 

We have ripped out javascript code and other functionality particular to our course, and we still see the issue so it seems to not be related to our setup. Note that this happens ONLY in Chrome, NOT in IE or Firefox. Also does NOT seem to happen in SCORM Cloud, only in our LMS.

Anyone seen similar behavior?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Chris,

Thanks for detailing all of the extensive testing you've already done. Smart idea to strip out the javascript and test it in SCORM Cloud. 

Since it works correctly in SCORM Cloud and not in your LMS, that would point to the issue being related to your LMS. 

What LMS are you using? Perhaps other folks using the same one can chime in and share their experience!