Review Quiz only shows incorrect

I've built a course with 3 questions (drag and drop, select one, and select many). When I take the quiz and get 100% I click "Review Quiz" and it shows that each answer is incorrect. Each question has a custom Correct and Incorrect layer. 

How can I change this so that it only shows incorrect when the person actually gets it wrong?

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Katherine  Harris

Here is the course that I've built. Let me know if you see anything else that I'm missing. It doesn't matter if I get all of the questions correct when I click Review Quiz it takes me to the first assessment question and shows it's incorrect. 

I was also wondering if there is a way that when you "Review" that it would only show you the quiz questions not the entire course again. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Katherine! Thanks for sharing your course for me to take a look at. On your three assessment slides, you had the base layer set to Reset to Initial State, which typically causes the issue with items showing incorrectly during Review. In addition, for all three slides, the Correct Slide Layer did not have a trigger to close the layer.

I am only seeing the assessment questions during review.

Check out the attached story file and see if it assists :)

Katherine  Harris

The reason I had it reset to initial state was because they get two tries on each questions. If they get it incorrect the slide still shows their incorrect choices when it goes back. I wanted it to reset so that it would put the answers back in their original state. 

I don't think I understand by closing the layer. Can you explain?