Review Quiz Option displaying a Drag & Drop as "Incorrect" when the learner got it correct

Apr 30, 2019

We have an assessment that allows the learner to "Review Quiz" on the Result Slide.  The learner will get the Drag and Drop Answer Correct, but on the "Review Quiz" selection it says it is Incorrect. 

How can I correct this?

I have provided a screen shot (Attached)

Thanks in advance for your assistance!  JJ

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Cristina Arias

Hi Alyssa,

Is there any chance you can share how you helped Janet with this issue?

I am pretty sure I'm having the same problem with my course.

I have a quiz with 2 attempts per question and a results slide at the end for users to review their answers. I have the quiz set up to "reset to initial state" because they get 2 attempts, so it needs to reset in order for them to retry the quiz. The problem I see here is: when the user clicks on review quiz it must be resetting the answers so all questions appear to be incorrect because there is no longer an answer marked. 

Cristina Arias

Thanks Wendy!

I tried having the quiz slides to "automatically decide" but now it doesn't reset the question if the user answers incorrectly. We'd like to have the user have 2 attempts before moving onto the next question - this works if the quiz slides are set to "reset at initial state" but then the user is unable to review quiz because all questions are cleared. 

Is it possible to have 2 attempts per question and have users review quiz at the end of a quiz?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Cristina

here is an example.  Note, on review, the correct answers are not displayed for a freeform quiz type and because we are resetting the state of the slide to initial state so the user can have a second attempt - you may need to have a custom review layer show up.  I haven't included that in the file as I'm not sure if you are using custom feedback on your review layers.

Cristina Arias

This is great, it's actually showing exactly where I'm having the issue; user selects right answer, receives right answer confirmation, but when they review it is marked as incorrect because the answer was reset. Is there anyway around this? Or do I have to choose on whether I want the users to have 2 attempts or be able to review their results?

Wendy Farmer

You could create a custom review layer just for the DnD slides that mimics the default one and call that layer when the user selects to review.  I know it's not ideal but sometimes we have to use workarounds to get the behaviour we want.

I'm off to a meeting soon but may be able to get a sample to you later today (I'm in Australia) if that would help you.  Let me know if you want me to try that for you.

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