Review quiz option is not including all quiz questions

Oct 08, 2014

I have a 150 question quiz that I would like users to be able to review. I have split up the questions by topic into different scenes for ease of editing. The quiz presents all questions however the review quiz button only includes the questions from the first scene and excludes the remaining questions.  Any ideas how to fix this?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Holly,

Are you using Storyline 1?

I think I know what's happening, and when you mentioned "scenes," that's what caught my attention. Storyline's Review Quiz button (at least Storyline 1 - haven't tested this in Storyline 2) isn't very smart about navigating scenes. So when you click the Review button, it jumps to one of the scenes with a quiz, and then doesn't know how to get to the next one. But there's a fix.

In the attached (really barebones) example, there are two scenes.

Scene 1 has a T/F quiz

Scene 2 has a T/F quiz and a results slide. Initially, the Review quiz button went to scene 1, and then stopped. To fix this I

  1. Clicked on the Scene 1 T/F quiz slide.
  2. Clicked on the gear icon in the bottom right corner and placed a checkmark beside Next (to show the next button
    This placed a Jump to the next slide trigger in the trigger pane. Now I
  3. Changed the trigger to jump to Scene 2, Slide 1, where the T/F quiz is.
  4. Copied the trigger
  5. Clicked the gear icon again and removed the checkmark from Next.
  6. Pasted the trigger.

After that, all was well.

And, a shout out to Nicole Legault, because I'd done all the steps EXCEPT for step 4, to no avail. On this thread, she describes what to do, and it was step 4 that I was missing. Takes a community!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Holly!

Thanks for the clarification

Here's how you can accomplish what you're trying to achieve:

  • On the last question in Scene 1 (and any other scenes needed), click the Slide Properties button in the Layers pane. (the little gear icon)
  • Select the option for Next button to appear. (Before this, it should only have Submit button selected)
  • This will automatically create a Trigger to 'Jump to next slide when next button is clicked'. in the Triggers pane.
  • Change the link from next slide, to the next question in the next scene.
  • Then you have to copy the trigger you just created, go back into slide properties and Uncheck the Next button. (This will remove the trigger you just created), but then you can paste it back.

Voila. That's how you get the Next button to link to a specific slide when you revisit the Question slide during the review. 

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