Review quiz problem

Hi all,

I've set up a quiz, which is fine, but if I leave the 'review quiz' option in there, and post up to the LMS, the users who have tested for me are finding that at the end of the review, they can't continue on.. the next button just clicks with no effect. I need them to be taken back into the quiz at the results screen, or onto the end of course screen which follows it..

Any advice please?



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Greg Cannon

At the moment with the triggers the way they are you can only navigate to the results slide when you submit the interaction. When reviewing the quiz the learner is not re-submitting the interactions so therefore you will need to add in another trigger to advance (jump to) the slide to the next scene when the user clicks the Next button (which appears when reviewing the quiz so you don't need to set this at slide level). 

Hope that helps?

Greg Cannon

These are the steps I followed:

  • I clicked on the gear icon at the slide level and selected the Next button to appear on that slide, I then added the trigger to the Next button including a condition (variable ED = true).
  • I then previewed the entire project and of course it worked although the Next button appeared in the player next to the Submit button which looks odd.
  • So...I then re-clicked on the gear icon and unchecked the Next button and a little bit to my surprise I must admit the trigger on the Next button remained!
  • I previewed the entire project again and it works without a Next button appearing on the last question slide until it is reviewed...
Paul Williams

Hi, Sorry for the late reply, I've been away....

I've tried the process you described Greg, but for me, the trigger dissapears when I uncheck the next button...

although it worked great up till then.. :-)

I'm sure that there must be a simpler method though? I wouldhave thought that the sysstem would generate the correct trigger steps for a review, but it doesn't seem to. Very frustrating.