Review quiz results

Hi, I have created a quiz with true/false and text entry fields ( To enter a response). Are there settings in storyline I need to set up to review the quiz results? I need to see the overall score and what the participant wrote in the text entry box.

Also I am not sure if scorm,aicc, tin can work best for this type of quiz? My company uses the Absorb LMS system which supports all of the different formats.

I attached my Quiz Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shannon,

I can't speak to what Absorb LMS settings it may need - so you'll want to connect with your LMS team to see if you need to publish in a particular way. 

To allow the user to review the quiz and submit all the results to your LMS you'll want to include a results slide and there is an option within the Results slide to enable the review and you'll also want to make sure that the slides are set to "resume saved state" to have the review work properly. You may want to review the information here on adding and working with results slides.